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  • Surely this is in our gift

    Surely this is in our gift

    I love this image. Maybe you don’t get it at first glance? And that’s exactly the point. Check out the dungarees – hard-wearing clothes for tough jobs. And then look to the bottom right corner. The guy is in a wheelchair. It doesn’t yell: “Hey, look, this person is disabled!” He’s just someone doing a…

  • Start to Finnish

    Start to Finnish

    Apologies to Amy Woodhouse of Children in Scotland, who used a similar pun a couple of days ago in her latest blog (you can follow her fascinating Churchill Fellowship travels looking at children’s access to hobbies on LinkedIn or click here) – but I’ve honestly been planning this as my first headline for a few…

  • Transitions – what services need to know

    Transitions – what services need to know

    Leaving school is the beginning of a journey, not the end. Here’s what practitioners and policymakers need to take on board if young people with conditions like Autism, ADHD or Tourette’s Syndrome are to get the same life chances as their peers. Fifty young people with one or more of these conditions, and/or their family…

  • It’s time to make a change, not shift the problem

    It’s time to make a change, not shift the problem

    Both the UK and Scottish governments are focusing on education and boosting attainment. As they stand both strategies look set to fail young people with additional support needs Education is always guaranteed to make the news. Whether it’s the revival of discussions over grammar schools or the commitment to closing the attainment gap across income bands, one…

  • Come fly with me (or not)

    Come fly with me (or not)

    This article was first posted on the previous Life on the Edge of the Cliff blog in March 2015. The same family is making another journey this week – they’re going to let us know if anything has changed. Where would we be without air travel? Grounded, that’s where. Travel operators make a virtue out…

  • Smoothing the way into further education

    Smoothing the way into further education

    Mentoring a new student with Asperger’s, ADHD or Tourette’s? Or just want to be a supportive friend? Here’s what you need to know. No one knows exactly how many students currently in higher education are affected by one or more of these conditions. Some prefer not to share their diagnosis; others may not have been…

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