The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust funds British citizens, resident in the UK, to travel overseas to study areas of topical and personal interest, to gain knowledge and bring back best practice for the benefit of others, their profession and community, in the UK.

Sir Winston Churchill is known for his bulldog spirit, his love of cigars, brandy and Pol Roger champagne, his somewhat eccentric dress sense, and his famous V for Victory salute. However, he was also a man with an incredible zest and curiosity for life. He played polo in India at the highest level, he learnt to fly, and he strongly supported technological advancement such as the development of the tank and military aviation.

Although today he is probably best known for his achievements during the Second World War, he was also a prolific painter, a great traveller and a talented writer. He designed the grounds and gardens of Chartwell, his family home in Kent, and in later life he bred racehorses. The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust is founded in this spirit, to enable UK Citizens from all walks of life to acquire knowledge and experience overseas, for their own and wider community benefit.

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